Running with Women: What They Talk About & PRO Compression Giveaway!

Guest Dude Mike

Guest Dude Mike

Mike has many roles in life -- Elvis impersonator, all purpose GU carrier, PRO Compression trend-setter, and all round running group cat herder. He’s run 31 marathons, including two in one weekend! In his spare time, Mike likes to complete all the items on his “honey-do” list :-)

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10 Responses

  1. Carlee McDot says:

    Favorite group running topics – FOOD of course 😉

  2. Kimberly G says:

    I don’t run in groups for all of my training runs, but I normally enjoy discussing any upcoming races and what runners use for nutrition/fuel during long runs. I’m always on the lookout for tips!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! I love doing virtual long runs with friends!

  4. Carson says:

    I like talking about deep things while running with others. Where is life going? Things of that nature. Can be a bummer for some!

  5. I love talking about fueling, training methods, cross training…AND HOW WE REWARD OURSELVES! (like with wine!)

  6. I only have a running partner–not part of a group. We talk about practically everything, but what’s said on the run stays on the run!

  7. MaryBeth says:

    Love running with a group– the miles fly by! My group jokes around quite a bit, but we also love chatting about upcoming races and what’s going on with us!

  8. laura says:

    Don’t really run with a group!

  9. My running partners and I talk about food pretty much ALL the time. We definitely run so we can eat!

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