Group Race Registration Fail. Again. – Race Planning 101

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  1. Hi! I go by MB too! maybe those runs were just not to be! I know planning group runs s tough- there is so much to think about. The last one I planned start out with 5 of us and we ended with 2! Oh well, we “2” had a great time- keep at it!

    • MB MB says:

      We are! we decided it was the trip, and not the destination, that mattered! We are super excited about our Montgomery extravaganza!!

  2. Hope you have a blast at Montgomery! How fun that your friend can run with her dog too 🙂

    • MB MB says:

      It should be fun! But I think LA may have decided not to bring Ollie . . . logistics are getting complicated. But he’s still training!

  3. You won’t believe this, but I’ve signed up for the Asheville marathon! Bad news is I don’t think I’ll be able to do it. I’ve had problems with my knee, and just haven’t been able to get in any long runs. I’m so disappointed because it looks amazing! Want my registration?

    • MB MB says:

      I wish I could! I’ve already registered for Montgomery and have a crew of 6 heading that way with me! I hope you start feeling better. Will they let you do the half? It’s worth it for the scenery and nice swag!

  4. Sorry, one more thing. I’ll be doing the Carmel marathon this year too! It’ll be my 3rd year doing it, I can’t wait!

    • MB MB says:

      We really liked that one too! Small town charm and all. It’s also good for a PR. One of our buddies will actually be there going for her BQ!

  5. I’m glad to hear that a race has finally worked out for you and your friends. I love that they’re letting your friend’s dog run with her.

  6. I can’t believe your story! You guys need some serious luck on your side!!

  7. Go register NOW, MB! Ha ha. No, but seriously, that’s kind of funny considering how responsible and organized you are. 🙂

    • MB MB says:

      Thanks Molly 🙂 You would think, wouldn’t you! After that, however, I am now the picture of trying to be organized at least! I’m at least pushing everyone else to register, if not being the first! I’ve registered for like 6 races this spring so far. Now, if I can just decide about some of these triathlon things . . .

  8. Ima Mosier says:

    A friend and I agreed to do a half marathon. We trained. He signed up and I kept waiting. It sold out without warning. I still went and cheered him on, but I know he has never forgiven me. 🙂 But it sounds like you found a great back up race. I especially love that the pooch is going to get his own shirt!

  9. Mike says:

    Even though it took a while it seems like everything is going to work out perfectly for you! That’s always good when a plan comes together! I’m meeting some friends to run the Indy Mini Marathon in May and am really excited.

    • MB MB says:

      Well, we are still doing a bit of planning on the place to stay and transportation, but we will get there! Hope you guys have a great time at Indy! Some of my friends LOVE that one!

  10. Sheesh! Usually registering for the race is the first thing I do. Then I forget about everything else and scramble at the end. I go about it in the opposite way you do and leave my hotel until the end, which is bad. I usually end up paying too much and not staying where I want. You’d think I’d get my act together after all these years. Oh well! Hope your training goes well!

    • MB MB says:

      Thanks! I think mine is going OK, but we’ve got some of the group that are coming up with a few obstacles! Hope fully they are minor, regardless, it will be a fun trip. And that’s all that really matters!

  11. Funny! I always register first and train later! I’ve been using the Strasbourg sock for PF. I’m not sure it really does anything for me. Glad your feeling better and back to training. #growyourblog

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