Don’t Think You Are a “Real Runner”?: If you run, you ARE a Runner – Reward Yourself With a Giveaway!



Runner, Poison fan (the band, not dangerous substances!), English corrector, frugal shopper, Ironman Wife, and mother of a rambunctious, daredevil of a child. For more on our authors to see who matches you best, see our Contributors Page.

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24 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    Love this blog and the giveaway you are offering! I would love to win so I can try your product and recommend it to all my running friends! I agree we should celebrate every run and runner!

  2. Oh, I have never heard of this brand, but I LOVE headbands!

  3. kelly mcgrew says:

    i like the city lights headband!

  4. I love the Dottie one. So fun.

  5. Holly E says:

    I love the Neon Peace On White.

  6. sarah says:

    love the daisy mae!

  7. I like the pink foil dots skinny one! I LOVE non-slip headbands. I have so many but I wear them almost every single day. Thanks for joining in on the blog giveaway hop!

  8. Amanda Gellhaus says:

    Always looking for new headbands to try. I have long hair that grows fast; fly-aways are a constant. I like the City Lights band! Skortaholics, let me know when there’s a promotion on these!

  9. ERin says:

    I struggle to keep my hair out of my face, and I think these would do the trick!

  10. Becky Spivey says:

    Skortaholics you rock! I love your blogs! I have tried various headbands but had never heard of the ponyabands! It would be awesome to win one to try out especially since my b-day is one wk away!

  11. Sam says:

    I prefer the City Lights band, but either are okay

  12. The City Lights headband is cute!

  13. Liz N says:

    I like them both but I think I’d choose the Party Lights one – fun and funky to get me moving!

  14. I love headbands! City lights is cool! Sparkle 🙂

  15. Ima Mosier says:

    They are both great but I like the city lights.

  16. Judy Cox says:

    The City Lights is nice.

  17. jordan perkins says:

    i LOVE the city lights band!

  18. Never seen these headbands either! And yes no such thing as a fake runner!

  19. Kay Lynn says:

    I like the city lights style best but they both look fun (and of course functional!).

  20. Keri says:

    i like the city lights!

  21. The Daisy Mae is cute! My cousin said to me a few months back, that she’s not a real runner yet… It made my jaw drop too, she has done a half marathon, and a few other races but in her mind because she doesn’t look like the “perfect” runner, she doesn’t think of herself as a real runner. We had a long conversation and she now believes she is a real runner, and knows if she ever quits thinking of herself as one, I am just going to have to go back and knock more sense into her, LOL So many people like that and it makes me sad. I don’t have the perfect running body either, and probably never will but it doesn’t matter, runners come in all shapes, sizes and speeds and distances and anyone who puts on the shoes to run, is a real runner! Great post, and great giveaway, thanks for linking up with us!

  22. Ashley Sparks says:

    I love the Dottie’s Party print, so fun! And I’m in need of a good non-slip headband, nothing seems to stay on my head!

  23. Holly Thomas says:

    City Lights headband is my favorite and would love to win it!

  24. K. Finn says:

    I like the City Lights one, and that is the one I would hope to win.

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