Things you say to yourself during an IRONMAN®



Works hard, but fits in and loves running with all the girls and Mike, talking about running clothes, and has a small Athleta addiction and also toes the line in triathlons, and like Annette is married to an Ironman. For more on our authors to see who matches you best, see our Contributors Page.

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4 Responses

  1. Omg I love this!!! Congrats on an IRONMAN! Such an amazing accomplisment!

  2. Lauren Nethery says:

    Seriously, my ONLY regret with Ironman was not taking recovery seriously and running Bourbon Chase the next weekend. Because we’re equal idiots. But we’re IronIdiots now damnit 😉

  3. Mark S says:

    Very entertaining write-up! Love it. Quick question for you. I notice that you did Toughman IN, too. Can you compare the two bike courses? I didn’t think Toughman was very “tough”, but Louisville looks more intimidating to me. Just curious what you thought of the two of them…

    • The Boss says:

      Toughman Indiana really only has one bad hill, and it’s not horrible. Louisville is much more difficult! But not overwhelming or anything – you can do it!

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