Frankenmuth “Volkslaufe -The Peoples Race”: Random Distance PR!



Mother of 2 boys, a wife, and a scientist. Loves running, hiking, and traveling with the family in the RV.

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  1. Alanna B says:

    My favorite un-planned race was my first half-marathon, it was a non-official race, just a charity virtual in honor of my grandmother who died of cancer, which I decided to run solo. I woke up VERY early on a Sunday morning and from my house, to Keeneland, did laps until I reached 6.5 miles, and went back home. Up until this point, my longest distance was 10 miles, and that was months before this run (or should I say, jog/walk). I finished under 3 hours with a minute to spare. I was not excited too much about the time, but I was happy that I completed a half marathon and had enough time to make breakfast for the family before heading to church! 🙂

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