Running on a Budget: An unlikely running clothes find!



Christine works hard and uses running to relieve stress and relax with good company. Running and running friends are the best medicine!

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  1. Barbara says:

    I found my favorite compression shirt at Target on the sale rack for $6.00! It is extremely warm and I have worn the heck out of it for the last two winters. Yes, two winters and still going. It pays to slap the sale racks and see what “left overs” there may be waiting for discovery.

    • MB MB says:

      Barbara — Target is a great source isn’t it! I got a C9 sports bra there on sale for $12 that while I would not wear it for a marathon, works great for all sorts of things and is super cute too! Let us know what other finds you make! MB

  2. Wow, at Kroger, totally unexpected! My favorite cheap finds are the Champion sports bras at Target. Forget spending upwards of $40-50 dollars at athletic stores…16.99 for me baby and they work perfectly. I even have a larger chest and the are totally supportive. Love them! Stopping by from #growyourblog

    • MB MB says:

      Christine is good (this is MB commenting). I’ve tried a Target Champion bra and was super surprised at how well it did. I don’t think it will make a marathon distance, but it was great for shorter distances and cross training! We have a bra review coming up!

  3. Matilda says:

    Vary rarely do I buy my workout gear at full price. I just love a bargain.
    Last year I picked up a merino long sleeve tech shirt for $30 (they normally retail at $100), I was thrilled. It was on sale cause it was end of range. Win for me.

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