Ponya Bands: Hair & Sweat Bands Review & Discount Code!



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2 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    I purchased a 2 inch Ponya band which I took to Texas when I visited my daughter to keep the sweat from running into my eyes on runs and she promptly took it from me for her workouts. This girl sweats buckets when she works out and usually has to have a towel draped over her neck to keep mopping up the sweat. She was crazy for the Ponya band. Said she had never had anything like it before. When she was done the band was dripping but she was not! How great is that. The down side of that is now I have to get another. I have short extremely thick (my daughter akins it to dog hair) and the back of my hair is where the dripping occurs. Ponya bands absorb that mess and feel comfortable to boot. I am excited to see that they now have a wider band which is what I have been looking for. Discount codes are appreciated and make them even more attractive!! Good review on a great product!!

  2. Annette Annette says:

    Barbara, this is great!! I am such a fan of Ponya bands, as you can tell from my part of the review. I’m so impressed by how much they absorb and that they don’t move. Love it! Enjoy the discount code!

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