As we publish posts with reviews of various running gear, we will compile those reviews on this page!  Here’s what we’ve looked at so far:

Light Jackets

Visible? TTS? Pockets? Other: Overall
Athleta Stripe Jammin’ (2014) YES. Fully reflective all-over stripes, bright blue color. I sized down to an XS.
A bit of a boxy fit.
Two hand pockets Material is traditional “wind” type. Cute ruching on the back. Good price (one sale now). Too much swish and not fitted enough.
Athleta Frontrunner (2014) Yes. With the orange at least, you look like a traffic cone. Two good stripes on front and back. I sized down to an XS.
Very fitted and has a grippy hem.
One chest, one across the back. Rear turns jacket into a fanny pack. Material is less swishy with a soft hand. Excellent wind resistance. A bit pricey. MB’s pick. Love the fit, color, features, and fabric.