Here are the Skortaholics! Get to know us and find who most closely matches you!


Late bloomer runner (the year after college)
Personal Stats: 5’4″ 120, 34B, neutral feet, athletic build, early 40s
Pace: Goldilocks-not too fast, not too slow! (9-10 minute miles)
Shoe: Asics Gel Kayano/Gel Nimbus
What I like least about running: Being cold
PRs: 4:08 at VA Beach Shamrock Marathon; 1:57 at the Derby Mini Marathon; 5:44:23 at REV 3 Williamsburg Half 2016; 13:29:04 at IRONMAN Louisville 2015.
Favorite Race: Papa Johns 10 miler
Number of Bourbon Chases: All seven until 2016, and DONE — 6 running, 1 driving
Favorite Fuel: Salted Caramel Gu
Favorite Running Song: Oh goodness, there’s no way I can pick just one!
Fave Fashion: I love skorts!!!


Sandy for Contributor Page
Started running at age 50
Personal Stats: 5’4″, small build, mid 50’s
What I like most about running: Group runs & races
What I like least about running: Hills
Training Pace: Long runs at 9:00 to 9:30
PR’s: 5K 23:42 (May 2013); 10K 49:23 (July 2013); Half Marathon 1:46 (April 2014); Marathon 4:06 (October 2013)
Favorite Race: Chicago Marathon
Favorite Fuel: Still working on this
Favorite Shoe: Brooks Ghost 7 (still sad that Mizuno Wave Elixir was discontinued)
Favorite Running Clothes: Athleta Unstinkable clothes (less laundry at the end of the week!)
Favorite Running Accessory: Garmin


Annette for Contributors Page
Started running at age 27
Personal Stats: 5’0, medium build, current age 38
What I like most about running: The feeling of accomplishment & stress relief
What I like least about running: Inclement weather
Pace: 9-10 minute miles
Favorite Race: One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon
Favorite Fuel: Vanilla Gu
Favorite Shoe: Asics 2000 series
Favorite Running Song: Jukebox Hero by Foreigner (This changes all the time)
Favorite Running Clothes: Athleta Contender Skort & Speedsetter Tank
Favorite Running Accessory: Ponya Wide Band headband
PR’s: 5k 25:00; 10k 54:50; Half Marathon 1:58; Full Marathon 4:22


In my mid-30’s, I got tired of the gym and tried running.  I hated every step of my first 1/2 marathon training.
Personal Stats: Almost 5’5″, 135-138 lbs, I’ve got some curves, 45
What I like most about running:  My group
What I like least:  Being cold
My pace: Depends on the day (8:30-10 minute miles)
Marathon PR:  Shamrock VA beach 4:03 (I will break 4 someday)
Favorite Running Shoe:  Can’t seem to find the perfect shoe
Favorite Running Clothes:  This year’s favorite was my Athleta Be Free Knickers
Favorite Fuel:  Vanilla Gu


Lisa for Contributors Page2
Started running when I was 20 & couldn’t make it a quarter of a mile.
Personal Stats: 5′ 9.5″ 33 years old, curvy.
Pace: Sometimes I’m the turtle, sometimes I’m the rabbit (8 min/mile to walking)
Shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus
Proudest Running Moments: Finishing my first marathon (Disney 2011) & my sub 50 minute Bluegrass 10K
Guilty Pleasures: Beer, cheese fries & french toast
What I like most about running: It’s therapy for me
What I like least: It’s hardcore … Our sport is your sport’s punishment.
Favorite Fuel: Salted Caramel Gu


Mindy for Contributors
A Mom-has-to-get-done-early-so-she-can-make-it-to-20ish-soccer-games-kind of Runner
Personal Stats: 5’10”, Medium build, 40 next year! Athleta – Medium TALL
Pace: 9ish when not training. 8-8:30ish when training.
Favorite Shoe: Brooks Adrenaline (I over-pronate) with orthotics.
What I like least about running: I’m prone to running injuries! Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ITB, runner’s knee, hip issues, you name it – I’ve have it . . .
My favorite thing about running: Keeps me sane!
PR’s: Marathon: 3:41:36 (2014 St. George); Half Marathon 1:48 (2014 Bourbon Derby)
Favorite Race: Of course the one I got my BQ (St. George)!
Hardest Race: Same! — Hardest thing next to giving birth unmedicated to my 11 lb 5 oz child!
Favorite Running Song: None! I LOVE to listen to books on my iPhone as I run!
Favorite Running Apparel: Anything that holds it all in after having 5 kids. So far, my faves are CW-X compression shorts, capris, & tights.

KB a/k/a The Short One

Keeana for Contributors Page
Started running the same month I started law school.
Personal Stats: 5′, petite pear, early/mid 30s
Speed: Still finding my groove post-baby.
Shoe: Asics ds Trainer.
PRs: Marathon: 3:40:41; Half: 1:45:16; 10K: 48:03; 5K: 22:35
Favorite race: BlueGrass 10K
Number of Bourbon Chases: 3 or 4, I can’t remember.
Favorite Fuel: Vanilla GU
Favorite running song
: I don’t listen to music while running.
Fave fashion
: While I love a cute skort, capris are my go-to for running everything.


Jenny for Contributors 1
Started running at age 35 – inspired by my son’s love of track & cross country
Personal Stats: 5’4″ small build, mid 40s
Shoe: Asics Gel Cumulus, Mizuno Wave Runner and Brooks Adrenaline – on rotation
Pace: 8 min/mile
What I like most about running: I have a very stressful job and this is what keeps me alive! I also love socializing with great people I wouldn’t otherwise know!
What I like least: Being stinkier than all the men in my house after every run.
Proudest running moment: Running Boston 2012 – who knew you can smile for 26.2 miles straight?
Running Goal: To continue running into old age, making smart choices so my body doesn’t keep me from having this outlet.
Guilty Pleasures: Childhood comfort candy – Peeps, jelly beans and candy corn, eaten in my car every other month so no one can witness it. I will obsess if I don’t eat it, so I just do it and move on!