Running Watches Garmin Forerunners

Ah, the Garmin. Several of us are technology feedback obsessed, wanting instant speed and distance calculations and downloadable data to track our progress (or lack thereof). Here are the Garmin watches (really wrist computers), we’ve tried so far:

Battery Life: Ease of Use: Issues:
Forerunner 405 CX Didn’t last, and you can’t change it yourself. Had to read entire manual before use. Didn’t want to send it back during training to change battery.
Forerunner 610 8 hours Had to read manual to program workouts. Cheap plastic wristband, couldn’t keep it on my wrist, which resulted in a fatal fall.
Forerunner 305 Great — 10 hours Had to ask Annette a few questions, but easy to use. Easy to read the screen, but it was too big for my wrist.
Forerunner 10 Good — 5 hours Turn it on and go! Easy to read screen and a perfect fit.  Also, the most affordable of the bunch.
Forerunner 220 Great — 10 hours Seems easy, but we have experience now. Easy to read (haven’t tried to steal this one from my husband yet).