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This is not a serious blog. We will not tell you how to qualify for Boston or create world peace. Instead, this is an unapologetic, frivolously fun blog of what real women talk about while running, which is mainly what we are wearing or want to wear.

It all started with skorts and getting through marathon training. When I started running in 1995, I wore cotton t-shirts, college sweatshirts, and cotton gym shorts. I also wore shoes 2 sizes too small and cotton socks. I had blisters. I didn’t think I could run a 10K. I did not buy special things for running until five years later. And all this time, I was running alone. I had no one to help me know what to wear, how to get faster, and how to make this fun.

Then, in 2003, I joined up with Team In Training to run the Maui Marathon. This was my first experience with group running, and after a rough start, I had my Hallelujah moment – Running with other people was FUN, we could talk, and the miles just didn’t seem, well, like miles.

“And what shoes were you wearing???” Over the years, I have met some of my very best friends running. We hurt together, talk together, cry together, get nervous together, and share our lives with each other. But what we also found is, we really, really love to talk. And it seemed like all conversations, whether about running or not, ended with the joking inquiry, “And what shoes were you wearing???”

In the midst of this, I got my first skort. A black, wrap around Nike number that was my second Hallelujah moment – I could wear compression shorts that didn’t bunch up like regular shorts (I hated running in shorts), but look cute while doing it because my butt was covered with an adorable skirt! Brilliant! I was smitten. And a tad bit obsessed, continually searching each season for the next skort, the next style, one that would not chafe . . .

Of course this was discussed extensively with my running group, and we discovered we know a lot about different running gear. When we found ourselves able to name the precise types of Athleta running knickers/shirts/tights/skorts, dissect their attributes and failings, and identify the catalog page, well, it was a little scary. But, it was also fun. We are real women of all shapes and sizes. We are not perfect. Our thighs rub, we don’t have six pack abs. So gear fits us differently from those who are apparently testing and designing it for these companies. But we work hard. We put our gear through the paces, for all distances and in all kinds of weather.

And the idea for this blog was born – maybe we could help others pick the right gear too, and maybe, just maybe, those big companies that design the gear, apparently using professional athletes and models, would hear us and make better things – like a non-chaffing running bra, or a skort with the right combination of shorties, pockets, and flounces. (A girl can always dream!)

Regardless, we intend to have fun and hope you do too! Happy running!